A primer on API development with Golang



API development varies from language to language though the workflow tends to follow a similar pattern. An HTTP request is sent over the network to a server which, through a series of business rules, is acted upon. Generally that includes processing requests through validation, using middleware, executing domain specific logic, and manipulating data.

A well structured codebase is agnostic of any domain. In this article, I hope to demonstrate organizational patterns tailored to the Golang ecosystem that will allow you and your team members to write and test code in a logical manner.

I believe frictionless development is an important…

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When developing with a team you may want to establish rules for when code is able to merge to your main branch and also control when and how new code gets deployed to a certain environment.

For example, when a team member is ready to merge new code into the main branch:

  • We want to first make sure it has at least one other approval from one other team member
  • The new changes do not break any current tests

Once a pull request meets the above criteria, we want the merge to our main branch to automatically deploy the changes…

Brian Bates

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